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Andreeka's Journal

Starring: Johnson Street Gal

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6 November

Maintainer: punkd_fans

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, 70s, 8 mile, acoustic guitar, american indian, ana voog, anacam, andrea, avon, avril lavigne, babyz, billy corgan, black, brad renfro, brainscan, bring it on, britney spears, caffeine, candles, cats, cds, chapstick, chicken, christian, christina aguilera, cigarettes, comedy, concerts, cool nutz, crying, dancing, days of our lives, dazed and confused, depression, dj wicked, dogs, dominique swain, drawing, dreams, duck farts, dvds, dye, ebay, edward furlong, evanescence, fake journals, fighter, forks, foxfire, french kissing, friends, funny, gallbladder, giggles, girl, grandma, honesty, horoscopes, icq, infinite_time, irish, jack osbourne, joe pantoliano, john black's eyebrows, jonathan, journals, just be free, justin timberlake, karaoke, kelly osbourne, kirsten dunst, kissing, laughing, lemon pepsi, lhasa apso, lip gloss, lolita, lotion, magazines, magnets, makeup, mannequin, mannequins, marcus, mary jane, migraines, mom, movies, mtv, nail polish, nick at nite, nightclubs, nkotb, oregon, p-town, pain, painting, parakeets, parrots, passions, pdx, pecker, pendelton, phone booth, photos, pictures, piercings, pills, portia de rossi, portland, posters, pot leafs, prison, prolife, prozac, psychic, punk'd, purple, reading, rocket dog, role playing games, romance, romeo and juliet, rugrats, scorpio, sense of humor, shakira, shakira ripoll, singing, skechers, smashing pumpkins, solitude, spongebob, stacie orrico, superstar, terminator 2, the osbournes, the sims, the smashing pumpkins, ties, vanilla coke, vicodin, virgin, webcams, websites, webtv, writing, xtina, z100, zwan

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